When choosing a psychic reading by phone or by chat, many people base their decision on cost alone. While it’s certainly an important factor, there are other considerations you need to research to make sure you get the best value for your money spent. Let’s take a look at two very popular psychic reading websites: California Psychics and 7th Sense Psychics.

What is the Cost of a Psychic Reading?

Since we all know you’re going to take cost into consideration as one of the biggest factors in making a decision, let’s talk about cost right off the bat. One of 7th Sense Psychics’ greatest strengths is their flat rate fees of only $2.95 per minute, which is about as low a price as you will find anywhere, with the exception of a few services that can drop down to $1.99 per minute for new psychics. The problem is, with those services that do go a bit lower on pricing, there is a range of prices among all their psychics, so as an advisor gains experience and clients, their prices go up. When you have a fixed rate for everyone, not only do you know you’re getting a great deal, but you know that when you find that perfect online psychic reader for you, you aren’t going to have to deal with unexpected price increases.

California Psychics charge up to $13 per minute, but there are plenty of advisors to choose from at lower rates. It’s best to use any kind of introductory specials to try out psychics in the price range you want to pay after your new client promotion, so you aren’t scrambling to find a psychic you can connect with at a price you can afford. Just be aware that as your chosen advisor gains experience and regular clients, the cost will probably increase.
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It’s All About Quality Psychics

If you’re considering signing up with a psychic service, you will want to know as much as possible about how they select and hire the psychics that work there. In the case of 7th Sense Psychics, the details are a little bit vague, with nothing but an email link to send a resume. They do claim in their commercial that they only hire one in 20 psychics who apply, so they obviously have some standards for those applying. When you consider that they do offer a lower rate than many services, that probably means a lower rate of pay for their psychics, as well. And naturally, lower pay tends to attract less experienced psychics.

California Psychics, on the other hand, has the most thorough screening process for their psychics of any major psychic reading website. They do a criminal background check on all potential psychics who make it past the initial application screening. While many psychic services require a test reading before hire, California Psychics takes things a couple of steps further, by requiring two 20-30 minute readings, with two staff members who must both give the thumbs up. Whew! That’s by far the toughest standard in the business.

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With California Psychics, if you disconnect within the first few minutes of a call, you can get a credit back to your account to try another psychic. If you’re a first time caller who is dissatisfied, you can even get a cash refund, but be sure to stop the reading as soon as you feel it’s not meeting your expectations.

7th Sense Psychics says that satisfaction is “100% guaranteed,” but they don’t get into details on the website on whether limitations exist on claiming a refund, or if you can get a refund as credit, cash, or both. This might be something you want to clarify with their customer support in advance just to be on the safe side.

What’s In Your Psychic Tool Bag?

Both California Psychics and 7th Sense Psychics offer great search filter tools to help narrow down your choices for psychics, exceeding many other psychic reading websites. When you have a list of literally hundreds of psychics available on some larger sites, this is invaluable for narrowing down your choices to those who specialize in certain areas like relationships or spiritual guidance, what tools they use, or even whether they take a gentle or direct approach.

Another cool tool for clients offered by 7th Sense Psychics is a mobile phone app for both Android and iPhone users. However, while 7th Sense Psychics may be on the budget end of psychic reading websites, they have one unique feature not found anywhere else. They keep audio recordings of each session, so you can go back and listen to your phone consultation to review anything you may have missed or forgotten in the excitement of getting your psychic reading. They’ve even gotten permission from some of their clients to make those audio recordings available for the public to listen in on a sample reading before making an investment.

Budget or Boutique?

While it’s human nature to favor the more expensive product or service, you can see by comparing California Psychics with 7th Sense Psychics that the latter can hold its own against a bigger competitor. California Psychics is great for someone who wants to be absolutely sure they get the highest quality psychics and are willing to spend a little more for that strict and lengthy screening process.

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However, if you find a psychic at 7th Sense Psychics you can connect with that gives you great psychic advice, you’ll save a lot of money and pick up a couple of cool features you can’t get with other competitors.

Fortunately, it’s pretty standard practice for any psychic reading websites to offer introductory specials, so why not try both services to see which one you like best?

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