If you ever considered talking with a psychic to find answers about love, relationships, life, finances or some other subject, you’re not alone. In fact, according to one study, a majority of Americans at one time or another, believe in psychic phenomena. Even celebrities seek out the advice and guidance of psychic mediums to help plan their lives, guide decisions and weigh choices.

It’s no secret that people are fascinated by the concept. Movies like Afterlife, and shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer captivate audiences. But there are also plenty of skeptics. In the 80’s, the Australian Skeptics Society offered $100k to anyone capable of proving their psychic abilities. That money has yet to be claimed.

Concrete proof or not, many people trust in psychics to find answers, put the past into perspective, and try to catch a fleeting glimpse of the future in order to better understand what is on the horizon.

Psychic mediums can help answer questions

Types of Psychics

If you’ve never taken the time to speak with a psychic about love or relationships, or any other subject, you may be surprised to know there are people with a variety of abilities. Not all psychics are born equal, and abilities can manifest at different times and in very different ways. Here’s a simple breakdown of some of the types of psychics you’ll encounter when seeking advice.


These psychics have the ability to focus and hear voices, specifically those that are outside of the normal hearing range. This includes hearing those who may have passed away, or even a spirit guide. This is sometimes referred to as psychic hearing. Their ability isn’t limited to the deceased, by no means. They can also communicate with other entities, such as psychics who provide angel readings.


These psychics are also known as intuitive empaths or spiritual empaths. Their mind and body is highly tuned to energy vibrations around them, and they can read and feel those vibrations. This shouldn’t be confused with the general human emotion of feeling empathy for someone, which comes from recognizing and understanding verbal and visual cues. Empaths psychics can feel shifts in vibration that allow them to sense fear, pain, joy and other emotions by reading the energy fields and auras of others.


These are the spiritual psychics. They’re recognized for knowing things without being given details, or being told any kind of facts. The information is brought or given to them by their spirit guide, or their higher self. It could be very small details, or greater facts. It can even take the form of inspiration.


These psychics are able to see things beyond the normal perception of regular people. This often comes in the form of visions. Those visions aren’t always clear, and can be in the form of symbols, colors, signs, etc. They can be subtle, or vivid and apparent. In any case, the psychic can recognize that it is a vision. Unfortunately, they don’t always know the meaning behind those visions.

Why Do People Use Psychics?

Relationships are often at the top of the list of reasons people seek out the advice of a psychic, but they’re not the only reason. There’s a long list of reasons behind seeking out the help of a psychic. This includes:

  • Communicating with loved ones who have passed on
  • Health and wellness advice
  • Career advice
  • Guidance with family matters
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Curiosity about what the future holds
  • A quick fix to a problem
  • Money and finance guidance
  • Addition opinions and guidance on a decision
  • Understanding dreams
  • Attracting love

What are the Benefits of Talking with a Psychic Medium?

Psychic readings can be beneficial in all aspects of life, such as those listed above. One thing is for sure, it’s not identifying a tooth ache and going in to see a specialist to get it treated. It’s not easy to classify the exact area in which a psychic reading would be beneficial for you. That’s because every reading is tailored to the individual, and not every reading takes place in the same way.

Information could be subtle, vivid and detailed, or completely lacking. Aside from answering questions you might have about life or love, there are other benefits to visiting and speaking with a psychic medium.

Releasing Negative Energy

Psychics tend to share the ability to help release negative energy that is being retained by their guests. Not only can they free you of that negative energy, their reading can help identify the source. Restoring a positive balance is paramount to the Law of Attraction and obtaining what you’re after.

Loss Counseling

This is another popular benefit. Those in mourning can obtain closure from a psychic who will help them cope with the loss of a loved one. Peace of mind and closure are important to those grieving, and restoring the right balance to the mind and body.

Preparing for the Future

This is the hallmark of psychic readings. Foresight into future events is incredibly beneficial, and many people visit psychics for this sole purpose. It’s not just about seeing the future. Psychics can help you understand past events, why they happened, and then help you use that knowledge to better prepare for the future.

Now that you have a better understand of psychic mediums, their role, their abilities, and how people use them, you’re better equipped to find the right psychic who can provide the guidance you’re looking for.