You’ve been browsing different psychic reading websites, and maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the unfamiliar terminology. Aren’t all psychics the same? Why are there so many different categories? Not all psychics use the same tools or methods, so here’s a basic guide to help you with some of those unfamiliar terms, and help you decide what kind of psychic you want to choose for your own reading.

Tarot Reader

When most of us think of psychics, we envision that typical Hollywood image of the gypsy fortune-teller gazing into a crystal ball, or dealing out tarot cards. Some tarot readers don’t consider themselves psychics, per se, but more intuitive readers who use the images of the cards to tap into subconscious archetypes that they translate into messages for the client. Many have drawn parallels between reading tarot cards and the philosophy of psychologist Carl Jung, with the cards representing universal experiences in our life journey.

This is one of the more popular tools psychics love to use, and there are many other Oracle decks besides the the traditional tarot, including Angel cards, Goddess cards, and many other different themes for unconventional decks. 7th Sense Psychics offer almost every type of deck for their readers. Online tarot readers are best for more complex questions, rather than yes or no questions or timelines.

Be forewarned, if you develop an interest in tarot cards, collecting all of the beautiful and unique decks out there can become a bit of an obsession!

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You know those really vague horoscopes for each zodiac sign that you read in the newspaper? That’s not what astrologers do. Professional astrologers take your exact birth date, time, and place and create a natal chart that shows your complete astrological profile of all of the planetary positions at the time of your birth, and use that information to create a detailed personality analysis.

Astrologers also take your birth chart and to create “progressions” and “transits” that paint a picture of how your natal chart is affected by the current and upcoming planetary positions, to give you accurate forecasts for the future. This is another great tool for going in-depth, but realize this does take a little time to calculate even using one of the great software programs out there to quickly calculate a natal chart.

This kind of analysis is best for gaining a better understanding of personality strengths and weaknesses, and upcoming influences, rather than answering concrete questions. Astrology also excels at checking compatibility between two people, if you have the birth information for both parties.

Psychic giving reading with runes

Psychic Medium

The psychic medium represents what most people typically think of when they think of psychic abilities. This is someone who may or may not use tools but is able to give a consultation based on psychic abilities and directly channeling messages or images. This is also the kind of psychic that may or may not be able to contact deceased loved ones. If that’s the kind of reading you’re seeking, it’s always a good idea to make sure you read the profile carefully to see if that’s one of their skills, or even email before booking a reading if that’s an option to verify that this is an area of specialty. California Psychics offer in-depth customer feedback for each psychic and are a good place to start.

If you see a psychic on TV, they are almost certainly psychic mediums. The ability to just tap into information without the use of tools is one of the rarest skills, and those with this ability can answer the widest variety of questions, from complex to simple yes/no questions.

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Fortune Teller

Fortune telling is a broad category that encompasses many different methods of divination, much like tarot card readers. Some of the different tools you might expect include the use of runes, which are a set of stones or blocks with each bearing one letter from an ancient alphabet. The psychic “casts” the runes and interprets the symbols.

Others may use numerology, calculating the assigned number values to letters in your name to create an analysis, or the use of the I Ching, an elaborate set of translations based on casting three Chinese coins.

Of course, let’s not forget another tool in the arsenal of many psychics, palmistry. This is another popular Hollywood stereotype of the gypsy fortune teller who reads your palm. While this is traditionally been the kind of reading you could only get face-to-face, now some online psychics will do a palm reading by having you send a picture of your hand.

It looks like the gypsy fortune teller has gone high-tech.

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the different kinds of psychics, why not try a consultation at one of these great online psychic reading?

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