Can Psychics Really See the Future?

If you ask 10 different psychics this question, you’ll get 10 different answers. Yes, some psychics claim to be able to see future events, although they usually caution that you always have “free will” to change the course you’re on and end up with a different result or outcome. Regardless of the tool used, such as tarot cards or astrology, psychic readings aren’t an exact science, where an image pops into a psychic’s head giving all the exact details of the man you’ll marry and when. Some sites, such as California Psychics, offer a wide range of reading tools, so you can test the one that suits you best.

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As a general rule, psychics can see trends and influences coming up in your future, and they can guide you in navigating your way through difficulties and making the most of opportunities coming your way. Forewarned is forearmed as they say, right?

Also take into consideration that different psychic readers have different gifts, and some don’t even claim any kind of psychic powers per se, but are intuitive and able to use a tool like tarot cards that they interpret into advice related to life events.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Fortunately, most online psychic readings offer some kind of introductory special that will allow you to try out one or two of their psychic readers without a huge investment. After your new client discounts, prices can vary significantly from not only one service to another, but from one psychic to another, even on the same psychic website.

Expect to pay anywhere from $1.99 per minute to as much as $19.99 a minute for more experienced psychics. While it’s tempting to use your introduction promotion for a session with the most expensive psychic on the block, unless you can afford to pay top dollar every time, you’re going to be looking for another advisor that’s more in your price range. Look for a site that offers transparent fees like 7th Sense Psychics. They have a flat fee of $2.95, meaning you won’t get stung in the long run. The primary purpose of those promotional offers is to find the right psychic that you want to go to again and again for advice. Use those discounts wisely.

What If I’m Not Satisfied With My Reading?

Most psychic reading websites have some kind of guarantee in place, but be sure to read that proverbial fine print before you invest in purchasing time with a particular service. Some have time limits for you to contact customer service to register complaints, and some will only offer a credit for another reading, rather than a full cash refund.

Even those without psychic abilities can tell pretty quickly if they are going to hit it off with a particular advisor. If you feel like you’re not getting a good reading, don’t be afraid to go ahead and disconnect and ask for a credit or refund per the company’s policy. Not all psychics are created equal, and not all will connect with you from the get-go, so step up and get a refund if needed and try again.

Can a Psychic Help Me Connect with Deceased Loved Ones?

If you’re thinking of calling a psychic, you’ve probably seen that New Jersey housewife who connects to the deceased relatives of pretty much everyone she meets. (How annoying would that be?) But you might want to scale back your expectations a bit. You might get lucky and find a talented medium who delivers a wealth of information, but just be aware those readings you see on TV are edited so the star of the show has a perfect record.

Make sure you search for advisors who are “mediums” as they are usually the ones who specialize in this kind of connection with those who have passed on.

Can a Psychic Tell Me When I Am Going to Die?

Can they? The short answer is yes, many can, but it is one of the highest breaches of ethics for a psychic to tell someone details about their death. This is absolutely taboo, and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to discuss such matters. If they are willing, it doesn’t speak very highly of their character in most circumstances, so beware of anyone willing to consider touching on how and when you’re going to die.

Likewise, information regarding medical conditions is a huge no-no not only ethically, but is usually expressly forbidden by any psychic reading site, and psychics who violate that rule can be terminated.

Can a Psychic Remove Curses or Cast Love Spells?

Performing rituals can be very valuable in helping reinforce positive spiritual and emotional changes in a person’s life, but be wary of anyone who talks about removing curses or casting love spells to help you reel in the love of your life. Or, at least, the one that you think is the love of your life, regardless of whether those feelings are reciprocated. This is another huge ethical no-no, to manipulate emotions and feelings of others.

That’s a diplomatic way of saying don’t believe what you see in the movies, kid. Remember, psychic readings are meant as a form of entertainment above all, although you’ll hopefully pull some useful spiritual guidance and find some clarity with the assistance of a talented advisor. But leave the miracles to the deity of your choice.

So what are you waiting for? Check out one of the many psychic reading reviews and get the guidance you need.

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