From Hollywood A-listers, to reality TV queens, right down to those Z-list celebs wanting to claw their way back up the fame food chain. Many celebs are finding out what their futures hold, and what could be just around the corner in their hectic lifestyles – thanks to their own personal psychic readings.

celebrities swear by psychics

Celebrities and those in the public eye who already seem to have it all, are often at the same time obsessed with what the future has in store. Seeking mystical advice and guidance on everything from their careers, to their family, friendships, their finances, and especially their love life.

And it's easy to see exactly why! After all, with decisions about what project to get involved in next or perhaps even who to date; getting a psychic to give them a steer seems like a pretty reassuring move.

So who are the top celebs taking the opportunity to gaze through the crystal ball on a regular basis? Behold our favorite four fortune-telling aficionados...

Celeb Psychic Fan #1 – Kim Kardashian

'Mrs Kanye West' is believed to seek input regularly from psychics; even calling one right after her recent harrowing ordeal when she was robbed of millions in jewelry at gunpoint in her Paris hotel suite.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is also said to have sought advice on her relationship with rap megastar, Kanye West. The queen of social media took advice from her psychic regarding the rocky road she had to tread before getting pregnant again with the couple's second baby, Saint West.

With so much going on in her glamorous world, isn't it humbling to know that our Kim still wants to know what the stars have in store for her? With the happiness she has secured with her family and business success, her psychics must be making sure she knows what decisions will pay off the most for her.

Thought Kim was the only one from the KUWTK fold to consult a psychic for help, think again!

Celeb Psychic Fan #2 – Scott Disick

Scott took Kim's sister, Kourtney, to see a psychic in a bid to help resolve their relationship issues. Scott wanted to be free of what he called the “Kardashian curse” - where bad things happen to men who date Kardashian women.

After one such tarot reading, Scott was advised by the psychic to perform a ritual with a rooster, requiring him to dress all in white and set the rooster free, before clearing his energy in a herbal bath of all things. Desperate to rid himself and other men of the curse once and for all, Scott did indeed indulge the psychic and performed the ritual.
Right now, the love-struck pair are not together, so maybe the heavens are still moving into line for these two star-crossed lovers and their three kids.

Celeb Psychic Fan #3 – Brad Pitt

Rumors still abound surrounding the break-up of Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt and his marriage to Angelina Jolie. Brad's personal psychic apparently has been continually advising him over the last couple of years, and even warned him that the seemingly perfect relationship was doomed two years before things fell apart between him and the screen siren. This was the same trusted psychic who had foretold of his break up with Friends legend Jennifer Aniston, don't you know!

Brad is also believed to have sought regular advice from his psychic around his business affairs and presumably which movies to act in. He's very rarely in a bad one, so perhaps the fortune teller's advice is hitting the spot in his favor, in this regard at least.

Celeb Psychic Fan #4 – Jennifer Aniston

Speaking of Brad's jilted lovers, Jennifer has also visited psychics, particularly back in the earlier days, taking their advice as she went through an especially bad time when Pitt dumped her in favor of Jolie. And who can blame her? Being publicly dumped for the woman who's widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world can’t be an easy pill to swallow.

The good news is, after seeking advice from her trusted psychics, Aniston put her life back on track and made some better, critically acclaimed, choices in her film career and is now enjoying something of a post-Friends purple patch! Another reason why listening to her psychic's advice is certainly paying off for the artist formerly known as Mrs Pitt.

Thinking of taking a peek into your future? What's stopping you?

Whether you're seeking some advice over one of life's dilemmas; feel you're at a critical turning point or fork in the road, or want some love advice, finding an online psychic could provide you with the assurance you're looking for.

In fact, there are any number of specialist psychic readers online to choose from – be it astrology, tarot, spiritual guidance, or even past-life readings! So why not follow in the footsteps of these four celeb fortune-telling fans! The future could feel a lot clearer, we just can't promise there will be an actual crystal ball.

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