You want to try a psychic reading for the first time, and you’ve narrowed things down to which service you want using our in-depth reviews, and maybe you’ve even decided which will be the best psychic readers network for you to try out. Those are two important steps to make sure that you have a successful and satisfying psychic consultation. But what else can you do to make sure you get the most value for your money?

Making the Psychic Connection

The most important element for a great psychic reading is choosing the right psychic. Many psychic sites such as California Psychics offer a search tool with multiple filter options to narrow down your search. Once you’ve chosen a psychic, it’s important to evaluate how comfortable you feel in that first consultation and how confident you are in their abilities to give you sound advice and apply it to your given situation.

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This is where the promotional offers for new clients become such an important factor, as it allows you to try out a few psychics and even a few different services to find the best match. Make sure you take full advantage of any introductory offers, buying as many minutes as possible at the discounted rate. Also bear in mind that you should choose a psychic whose regular price range is what you want to spend after your discount promo ends. It won’t do you any good if you use your discount for the most expensive psychic that you won’t be able to afford after that introduction. You’ll be back to square one in your quest.

Don’t Play Games

Some people dial up a psychic phone service, then want to spend their whole session “testing” the psychic trying to help them. Most psychics need some basic information to get tuned into you and your question, so when they ask you something like your name and your birthday, responding “If you’re really psychic, you should know that information” doesn’t do either of you any favors. You’re wasting valuable time playing guessing games instead of getting a great reading, and you will sorely test the patience of your psychic advisor.

While you don’t want to work with a psychic advisor that asks too many questions, recognize that gathering some basic information right off the bat will help psychics focus in and give you a great reading in a timely manner.

Live psychic readings can help you feel more comfortable with your advisor

Ask the Right Questions

Also recognize that psychic abilities are not an exact science and not so precise that someone can deliver details such as lottery numbers, for instance, or they would not be working a psychic phone line. Ideally, psychic advisors want to help you with some of the bigger issues affecting your life, rather than mundane information like locating a lost earring, or if you’re pregnant (which, I believe, you can easily test by yourself). 7th Sense Psychics offer a great introductory rate, so you can test which questions work best for you, without breaking the bank.

Speaking of pregnancy, some other sensitive areas of questioning are taboo, such as asking questions about when you will die, or health-related questions. Any psychic service worth its money will expressly forbid its psychics from giving any kind of health or medical advice for reasons that should be apparent. And that definitely includes telling you whether or not you’re pregnant.

Instead, you might ask how you can make a relationship better, or if you’re single, what you need to do to create the conditions for bringing true love into your life. That doesn’t mean asking the full name of your future husband, his address, and his phone number.

If you go into a psychic reading with realistic expectations and ask about the big picture of your life, you’re bound to have a much more fulfilling reading and more useful advice that you can apply to your current situation.

If you haven’t picked a psychic reading service yet, check out our top psychic reading reviews to select the best service, and the best psychic to answer your questions.