Anyone seeking an alternative source for answers or guidance is bound to cross paths with Psychic Source at some point or another. That’s because it’s one of the largest and longest-standing psychic reading services available in the United States, today. With 25+ years of experience in the realm of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and other supernatural senses, Psychic Source has certainly proven itself to be trustworthy, legitimate, and accurate.

With so much going for Psychic Source, do newcomers like Keen have anything to offer the  psychic reading community? A psychic readers’ marketplace that’s been around since 1999, Keen offers a huge range of psychic abilities, levels, and pricing plans. The real question is, can quantity outrank quality in this test of psychic advisory? Let’s find out.

Psychic Battle: Psychic Source vs Keen

Keen Benefits


  • 1,000’s of psychics to choose from
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Scheduled reading times


  • No screening process

Psychic Source Benefits


  • Rigorous testing process for quality assurance
  • Online chat functionality available
  • Tremendous array of psychic services


  • Could offer a better initial offer

Pricing Comparison

 10 Minutes 20 Minutes 30 Minutes Bonus Offer
Psychic Source$10$15$19.803 minutes free
Keenvariesvariesvaries10 minutes for $1.99 or first 3 minutes free

Psychic Source offers solid per minute options. The general fee is about $1/minute, but it does offer sales and discounts for multiple-minute calling that can bring the price down to as low as $0.66/minute. Plans are paid for upfront, and then minutes are deducted according to the length of the call. Accounts are charged based on the time spent talking to an advisor, without any hidden fees or wait time charges.

Keen’s per minute rates are higher if you don’t opt for the plans and can range anywhere from $1.50-$6.99 because advisors are allowed to set their own pricing. We liked that the per minute cost of each advisor is clearly displayed for full transparency. There’s no deception here.

Both sites also offer occasional discounts and promotional minutes for members who sign up and opt in for email offers. Keen’s initial new member offer is better than Psychic Source’s though, and the range of pricing per advisor is better here, too.


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User Interface/Ease of Use

Psychic Source’s website is one of the cleanest and easiest to use of any psychic service we’ve reviewed to date. Browsing, choosing, and connecting to an advisor is intuitive, and can all be done with a few simple clicks. Payments are easily made and handled quickly, and there is a wellspring of information to help guide you through any hiccups you might encounter. Browsing through the profiles gives you so much information, you can easily make an informed choice for a fitting psychic reader just from that alone.

Keen also has a fresh, attractive, and inviting website that’s easy to navigate. Their advisors search functionality is fueled by smart filters such as price slider, chat or call availability, ratings, and available offers. Their profiles are a little less well-managed however, relying on the advisors to upkeep and input the information. Some of the tools may be a bit dated as well.


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How you communicate with your psychic advisor is important. Both services provide phone or chat options. The idea is that clients should be able to receive a reading using the forum that they are most comfortable with, whether that’s written (online chat) or over the phone. Psychic Source guarantees customers that whichever method of communication they choose, the same level of quality and accuracy will be delivered for every interaction.

Members can choose from thousands of psychic advisors after reading their in-depth profiles to find one that matches their needs and personality. Keen has one of the largest networks of psychic advisors available through any service across the US, with thousands of psychics on hand. Psychic Source has a more limited selection, ranging at around 300+, but that’s because their screening process is much more selective. Both sites have in-depth profiles that provide customers with valuable information such as schedules, reviews, and ratings, along with insight into the advisor’s strengths, tools, and areas of specialty, as well as reading styles. On Psychic Source, you can also hear a recorded message that gives you a real, first-hand insight into the personality of each reader.

Since both offer pretty much the same service in the area of communication, it would be a tie except Keen has one trick up its sleeve. This service provides a mobile app for members who want to take their readings on the go. Of course, you can call an advisor from your mobile device without an app, but the app offers all the features, tools, and functionality of the live site straight on your cellphone.


Services Offered

Both Psychic Source and Keen have a tremendous variety of psychic readings available. Psychic Source offers both structured readings and unstructured readings within its gamut of services. Among others, its abilities span sessions such as angel readings, astrology, tarot card reading, clairvoyants, rune stone readings, past life advisors, numerology readings, and psychics for relationships, love, spirituality, lost objects, dream interpretations, pets, psychic mediums, and horoscopes.

Keen also has an impressive array of options such as online tarot reading, astrology (Chinese, Mayan, Vedic), Feng Shui, financial assistance, psiquicos, free horoscopes, love advisors, life questions, and auric energy fields readers, though the list isn’t quite as comprehensive as Psychic Source.


Special Features

Any good comparison should highlight some of the special features members receive with their service. Psychic Source has:

  • 25+ years of reliable service, touting thousands of loyal and satisfied customers.
  • In addition, a portion of each purchase is donated to charity, which automatically gives customers a better feeling about the business side of things.
  • Psychic Source offers a satisfaction guaranteed claim. If not satisfied with the last reading, customers simply don’t pay for it. This claim has been backed up by user testimonials and reviews.
  • Additionally, Psychic Source offers a wealth of information including blog posts, glossary of terms, podcasts, videos and infographics.
  • Finally, its search functionality is extremely helpful so that you can filter advisors based on skill sets such as tarot reading, love psychics, or dream interpretation.

Keen also has some useful features such as $25 satisfaction guaranteed (customers receive up to $25 worth of credit for a new reading), but this has been harder to corroborate based on reviews. Its mobile app is a winner that many users enjoy.


Customer Support

Because even psychic advisors’ sites can run into problems, customer support is an important feature. Psychic Source offers great customer care that’s available 24/7. Support is US-based email, phone, or live chat support, so you can get in touch with someone who speaks and understands your language. Additionally, Psychic Source has international call numbers for members who live or are visiting out of the country.

Psychic Source also helps customers connect with several social media channels to hook up to including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube. In addition to being filled with informative, entertaining, and useful information, these social media outlets offer members a chance to connect with other members of the inner circle, ask questions more directly, and keep track of the psychic community as a whole.

Keen has phone or web-based support, and, while the options are somewhat more limited, the staff is very professional, friendly, always quick to answer, and available 24/7. Additionally, Keen offers the same social media connectivity as Psychic Source for the more social media savvy generation.


Sum it Up

Keen and Psychic Source both have positive qualities to offer eager callers. Psychic Source has a sterling reputation in the industry, an intensive screening process that produces a top quality advisor network, exhaustive advisor profiles for massive amounts of information on each psychic, and loads of additional information that is really useful for users.

Keen, on the other hand, while offering a wide range of talented advisors, requires a lot more sifting before you find a suitable match. This trial and error process, along with some questionable reviews makes Keen a good candidate for second place in this race.

Overall Winner: Psychic Source >>