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For more than 2 decades, California Psychics has helped people find answers to life’s questions. The site focuses on not only predicting what life has in store, but also helping you plan and make decisions as you move forward. With a unique 3-tiered system, California Psychics arranges its reader by popular, preferred, and premier. All psychics go through a screening process, but those at the preferred or premier level are in higher demand.


  • 80% off + $1/min on the first reading
  • Rigorous screening - only 2 out of 100 psychics are approved
  • Many psychics offer appointments and set schedules


  • No video chat option
  • Satisfaction guarantee gives you site credit – no cash refund

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Is California Psychics Trustworthy?

When searching for an online psychic, one of the main concerns is trustworthiness. There’s no denying the existence of bad actors and frauds, who cast a dubious shadow over the field and its more legit practitioners. So how do you separate the 2? How can you tell a legit psychic from somebody just out for your money?

The short answer is you can’t. Psychic readings are by nature mysterious, personal, and unquantifiable. However—there are some fairly reliable criteria that, when applied to a psychic or psychic website, can either weed out questionable practices or spotlight the signs of a transparent, honest business. Here’s how California Psychics looks under scrutiny:

Screening Process?

Yes. California Psychics takes pride in having one of the most rigorous screening processes of any psychic reading site in the industry. Prospective psychics must go through a 4-stage process that takes about a month.

In the first step, the psychic sends in an application listing their skills and experience. If approved, the applicant moves on to the evaluation phase. At this point they are required to pass 2 evaluations with the California Psychics team. This is followed by a background check. 

If successful, the psychic will be asked to provide material for their profile and then complete an online training program showing step-by-step how to take and handle phone calls with the California Psychics system.

According to the company, only 2 out of 100 applicants are accepted, so you can select psychics according to their popularity or reviews knowing full well that all of them have been thoroughly screened.

Psychic bios?

Yes. Every psychic has their own page with extensive personal details that can help visitors decide who to choose. The profiles pleased us with the amount of detail they included, from written summaries of the psychic’s approach to facts about their specialties, styles, tools, and the total amount of readings they’ve done. 

User reviews?

Yes. Each psychic’s personal page has dated, non-anonymous user testimonials that give you a glimpse into what others have thought of the experience. From a random selection of psychics we found the average number of reviews in a profile to be around 400, which is a fairly impressive number and a good sign of transparency. 

Community resources?

Yes. The inclusion of informative, non-branded articles and community resources shows that a site is invested in its field and larger community. California Psychics really excels here. The website not only features an enormous library of articles touching on everything from dream interpretation to Chinese horoscopes, but personal blogs, interviews, how-to resources, and an incredibly detailed psychic dictionary.   

100% money-back guarantee? 

Yes. The refund policy is only for first-time users, however. The FAQ does state that any user who’s unhappy with their psychic can hang up within the first few minutes of the session and resume with a different psychic. 


California Psychics meets all the criteria that suggest they are a reputable and honest site. We were especially pleased with the amount of articles, blogs, and resources available on the site, which demonstrates an investment in the larger community.

A final note about trustworthiness

Given the nature of psychic readings, it’s impossible to determine with absolute certainty the legitimacy of a practitioner. Furthermore, there are factors that can influence the success or failure of a reading that may have nothing to do with the legitimacy of the psychic. For that reason, make sure you choose a psychic that specializes in your field of inquiry, and communicate your questions and goals clearly. Nothing’s black and white when it comes to psychic readings—hey, that’s part of the fun, right?—but judging online psychics by certain criteria can drastically increase your chances of finding one who’s in it for the right reasons.

Pricing & Special Offers

Introductory Package
20 minutes with a new psychic
$20 ($1/min)
20 minutes with a preferred psychic
$40 ($2/min)
20 minutes with a premier psychic
$80 ($4/min)

*Last updated: March 2020

California psychics offers introductory packages with special rates of $1-$4 a minute. The rate varies according to which tier the psychic belongs to. This is what makes California Psychics’ pricing unique. The company organizes psychics in 3 categories - new, preferred, and premier - grouped according to their popularity and experience. It’s a way to help you decide whether to splurge on a select psychic or go with one that maybe isn’t as highly rated but is easier on the wallet.

After the introductory rate there is no standard cost per minute per tier. Each psychic charges their own rate, and while most charge well below $10 per minute, there are some that charge well above that, reaching $15 per minute or more.

Types of Psychics & Services

In addition to a satisfaction guarantee, decades of experience, and the most rigorous screening on the market, California Psychics offers one of the more extensive varieties of psychic reading services. 

Here are a few of the site’s offerings:

Tarot readings

Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years in order to learn about the person in front of the reader and to give them insight on their life and who they are as a person. This deck of 78 cards is a sort of code that can be interpreted by a psychic advisor to provide an eye-opening reading.

Love readings

A psychic trained in love readings can answer your call and help you decipher what it all means - is this relationship going anywhere? Does my significant other feel as strongly as I do? Should I get out now or stick it through?


Empath psychics perform readings that involve empathizing with the customer’s emotions and feelings in order to understand their life and essence. If you’re troubled by a lot of uncertainty or sadness, an empath can walk a mile in your shoes and help you understand it all.

These are a few of the many types of psychic readings available on California Psychics. Additional tools and specialities offered include past lives, astrology, money & finance, numerology, dream analysts, and clairvoyants. The site also offers various other features, including a daily horoscope, a blog, and tips for users trying out the psychic world.

What’s Unique About California Psychics?


California psychics puts applicants through a 4-step process that usually takes about a month. It may be the most rigorous screening process in the industry, and helps users know that it’s not just anybody on the other end of the phone.

Money-back guarantee

If at any time you are not happy with a reading, you can call within 24 hours and ask for a refund to your account. the site will also help connect you with a new psychic that may suit you better.

3-tiered pricing structure

California Psychics arranges psychics in 3 levels based on their popularity and experience. It’s a sound way for you to limit your search to either only the very top level of psychics, or just those who meet your budget.

Karma Rewards

California Psychics offers a customer loyalty program called Karma Rewards. With every purchase you can earn points towards future psychic readings, and also take advantage of special offers and discounts.

Variety and experience

California Psychics has been in the psychic readings business for more than 2 decades and has a wealth of experience, satisfied customers, and qualified psychics to meet a variety of customer needs.

Top Rated Psychics at California Psychics

Psychic Name: Ivy

Specialties: Love and relationships

Tools: Empath, automatic writing, clairvoyant

Reading Style: Straightforward


  • Alisha (03/26/2019) “I was distraught and Ivy helped ease my worries and pain. Everything she told me came true and within the timeline she gave me. Thank you. I will definitely read with her again”
  • Valerie (05/14/2019) “Omg. Ivy is so amazing. Not only did she help me with my relationship but she also help me set goals for my future. I haven’t felt this connected with anyone yet but she was just so easy going and easy to talk to.”
  • Carol (04/19/2019) “Always a joy to speak with Ivy! She is insightful and very helpful. Confirms what's going on and gives insight to what is coming. She speaks the truth.”
  • S.G. (03/29/2019) “Ivy has been a true blessing in my life. Her keen empathic skills have made a huge difference in my life. Her empathic channeling is spot on. THANK YOU IVY!”

Psychic Name: Charlie

Specialties: Destiny and life path, love and relationships, career and work

Tools: Empath, clairvoyant, remote viewing

Reading Style: Compassionate


  • Anonymous (05/08/2019) “This is my 3rd reading with Charlie, as always wonderful not only like psychic also as an advisor, very friendly, very accurate for the last months and hoping all his readings come true. Thank you very much, you are truly an angel.”
  • P.S. (05/03/2019) “Charlie was very insightful. He picked up on several issues without my needing to tell him. He was quite accurate with small details as well which confirms his talent as a gifted reader.”
  • Rachel (04/18/2019) “Charlie! Thank you so much! If it was up to me, I would talk to you forever! Everything you brought up was pinpoint. Sounds very accurate in future endeavors. You are definitely my go to!”
  • Kenneth (04/12/2019) “Charlie gave my mom and I the best reading that made my mum so happy and we laughed in joy. I decided in the moment to conference call my mum (all the way in Africa and I’m in Los Angeles) it worked out so great and it was sooooooo needed!!!!! God Bless you a Charlie!”

Psychic Name: Abby

Specialties: Love/relationships, destiny/life path, career/work

Tools: Empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient

Reading Style: Straightforward


  • N.N. (04/01/2017) “Abby is FANTASTIC!!! She instantly & quickly tuned into the person I was calling about. She gave detailed time frames; was extremely descriptive & intuitive; put me at ease, while being straight forward & genuine. She is one of my FAVORITES! A true empath & gifted reader.”
  • April (04/26/2019) “She was very helpful and very intuitive from the beginning. I really enjoyed my reading with her. She helped me clear up a few uncertainties. I would definitely recommend her services.”
  • Celine (04/19/2019) “Love her. Always make my day better with her healing energy.”
  • Cyn (04/15/2019) “Wonderful! Honest, on point and felt much better after even though her news wasn’t the best... Thank you beautiful lady!”

California Psychics California Psychics Visit Site

Customer Support

California Psychics features an extensive knowledge base and FAQ section to help you navigate the platform. There is also a toll free help line and a number of other international help lines which are not toll free. Users can fill out a help ticket on the website to receive an email response or try to reach the company by way of Skype.

If you’re ever unhappy with a reading, the satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll receive a refund to your account.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for answers about life and love, California Psychics offers a wide range of psychic readers that can fit all types of budgets. The site also offers a satisfaction guarantee and attractive introductory deals. With a vigorous screening process, you know your psychic reader is the real deal.

Our editorial staff is comprised of writers who are passionate about the world of online consumer services. We specialize in simplifying the process of choosing the right online dating site for your needs.

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

Jasmin, CO
a year ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

It has an effective procedure and I love it. I may continue to have this for many years and recommend to others.

Jennifer, FL
9 months ago

Well, I never thought I'd use a psychic after all these years. I had a reading many moons ago and just wanted a few free minutes then the rates were reasonable. Questions were answered. It was fun

Christina, MA
a year ago

They told me how life was going to be and what is going on right now and everything they said was true!

Kathleen, RI
10 months ago

Thought they were spot on. Totally enjoyed my reading. They seemed to know everything about what was going on in my life

sher, FL
10 months ago

I enjoyed the reading and some things did happen. They seemed to know things about me that they shouldn't have known

Annette, GA
a year ago

I think they should give free readings to those in need but overall it was a good experience

Bobbie, KY
9 months ago

Good service, good customer service. There nice to there clients. Would recommend. Excellent psychic service.

Stacie, NE
a year ago

They answer right away and seem to know things you didn't tell them. The fee is too high for me to pay and they always try to sell me expensive services that I don't feel I need

Anna, TX
a year ago

The psychic was optimistic, hopeful, and friendly with some good advice but overall the reading was vague. It could have been for any topic. It was easy to call and connect to a psychic but I felt it was too expensive per minute.

Kaitlynn, SC
10 months ago

It was easy to use and I was able to speak with someone quickly. The price is affordable and was a pretty good value for the money. I just expected and had hoped for more

Gail, TX
9 months ago

It's hit or miss. Sometimes the readings are spot on and sometimes they aren't as good. It depends on the day/psychic - hard to know.

Genevieve, TX
9 months ago

It gave me the answers I needed to hear and they were correct they didn't know anything about me and they said things about my life that they couldn't have known

Linda, MD
a year ago

They spoke about what was happening with n my life right now. I was amazed at what they said. They knew all of the events happening in my life at the present time I was very surprised

Kimberly, TX
a year ago

I loved that they were spot on when doing my reading and treated me good. I felt as if they truly knew me and cared about helping me. I didn't feel unsure or uncomfortable in any way. They were able to connect with me and events in my life.

Lauren, CT
a year ago

I felt very comfortable and good about the reading. I will definitely use this service again.

Roy, PA
a year ago

They are accurate readings. I don't dislike anything. I have had a very good session with them in the past. What they said has not happened yet but I am hopeful.

Sylvia, FL
a year ago

I found them to be easy to schedule. The quality was somewhat on the spot accurate. I would try another service the next time. I usually always like to try new psychics locally and in person.

a year ago

I rated the most psychics that way because they do well at the description they do not I give me enough to make it more personal for me.

Bugsy, WI
9 months ago

It was good but just too expensive. It just wasn't what I thought it would be - wish it was a lot better

Dana, MO
a year ago

I believe the things they say "most of the time." They have been wrong quite a few times. It's fun to see if they are right.

31 reviews